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25th Jul 2024
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FMB criticises extra rates for small firms

by The Editor at 15:08 07/08/07 (News)
The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has added its weight to the rapidly growing business lobby against the recommendation by MPs that local authorities be giventhe power to levy unlimited supplementary business rates.
Brian Berry, FMB Director of External Affairs said: "I can't believe they think that this is a good idea.The proposal is essentially to give the local authoritythe power to destroy the local economy at will for shortterm political gain.

"Businesses, and particularly small business are already under enough pressure with rising interest rates and utilities bills, this could be the final burden that sends many businesses under."

"MPs need to shed this outdated idea that business is a bunch of cigar smoking city fat cats in pin striped suites rolling about in cash which can be taken at will without any adverse effects.

"The vast majority of businesses in this country are small enterprises struggling with the every day needs of running a business, and simultaneously having to bear the ever increasing burdens placed on them by government. MPs need to understand that most businesses are formed of a small number of hard working people, often families, trying to earn a living."

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Susie Hughes
The Editor Hardhatter 2007

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