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25th Jul 2024
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Getting started on Hardhatter

by The Editor at 10:53 17/11/06 (About Hardhatter)
Welcome to Hardhatter, a new online news and information resource for anyone working
in - or with - small businesses in the construction industry.
It focuses on all you need to know to run your business successfully, including tax,
accountancy, status enquiries, the new CIS, health and safety and legislation.

Please take a few minutes to read this note, so you can achieve the most from the site.

Hardhatter is a free resource. Joining is simple to do and you will then be able to make sure you don't miss any relevant developments affecting your business.

If you haven't yet registered, simply fill in the basic form here and we'll send you a password.

If you have registered, just use your chosen user name and the password to log in and follow the steps below for extra information and additional functionality.

Profile and password
When you register, we send you a randomly generated password. We'd recommend you change this to something more memorable. To do this, log in using the password we sent and click on 'My Admin' in the navaid on the left hand side of the home page.

Then click on Edit your details/Change your password and you can amend or add
to your details. When you've finished, click on 'Change Your Details' at the bottom of the form -- and you're on your way! Use your new password next time you log in and if you are accessing from the same computer, tick the 'Remember Me' box for future reference.

Keeping up to date
One advantage of Hardhatter is that we can send you an email alert to let you know when a new item has appeared on the site. You can then choose to visit the site for more information. That way you won't miss anything which could affect your business.

This service is free to all registered users of Hardhatter. Simply go to 'My Admin' and click on Receive automatic emails. That will give you a list of categories to subscribe to. We'd recommend, in the first instance, that you choose News, CIS News and Newsletter.

For example, choose 'News' from the drop down menu, a form will appear and just check the box Subscribe and any other preferences and then click 'Update' at the bottom of the page. Then pick your next category, such as CIS News, click on Edit, choose to Subscribe and Update....and you always be ahead of the news which affects your business, without having to keep checking directly on the site. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Letters and 'Ask An Expert'
Registered users can read and reply to articles and comments on the site. You can also submit 'Letters' to open a discussion of your choosing. Please note, these go through a moderation process, so won't appear immediately.

Or you can ask a question about some aspect of running your business to one of our panel of experts. See 'Ask An Expert'.

Hardhatter Shop
Hardhatter is free to use for contractors, sub-contractors and anyone working with small businesses in the construction industry. We fund the site through taking commission or advertising from specialist providers who we think have products or services to help you run your business and make your life easier as a small business owner.

In many case, we are able to access products at special discounts for Hardhatter users - and some products which are exclusive to Hardhatter.

Please check out the deals in the Hardhatter Shop. They incude, banking for small
businesses; mortgages for contractors; pensions; office supplies; ISAs; a range of personal and business insurances; cover against tax investigations...and many more.

We keep adding to our range, so please keep popping back to our shop window for new offers.

Spread the word
We hope you enjoy using Hardhatter. If you know anyone else - contractors, sub-contractors, agencies, accountants, suppliers - who might find this site useful, you can forward this article to them by entering their email address in the 'Mail this to a friend' box below.

Any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to email me: susie@hardhatter.com.
Susie Hughes
The Editor Hardhatter 2006

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