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21st Oct 2020
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Free buy-to-let consultation for Hardhatter readers

by The Editor at 10:21 28/11/06 (News from Partners)
Hardhatter readers who are in the buy-to-let market can take advantage of an exclusive, free two hour consultation to discuss in detail whether to hold properties personally or via a limited company.
The consultations have been arranged by ContractorFinancials who have working with Hardhatter's sister site, Shout99, for a number of years to providing specialist mortgages, pensions and other financial products for small businesses.

Tony Harris of ContractorFinancials explains:

Over the past 12 months, in our capacity as IFAs, we have many questions by small businesses regarding buy to let investment. We have provided guidance on a more personal basis with contractors looking into the merits of holding their existing properties within a limited company structure.

Tony Harris
It is obviously very difficult to give personalised advice via a website and so in response we have negotiated a free two hour consultation for Hardhatter members who are existing buy-to-let investors and wish to discuss in detail whether to hold properties personally or via a limited company.

A nationwide panel of accountants in this field have been brought together to offer this unique service. Investors can benefit from a one to one session with a specialist adviser. If after these initial discussions it is agreed that the limited company route is the best way for you to structure your property holdings, there will be an option, for a fixed fee, to set up a single purpose company and put in place all the necessary initial administration.

As independent mortgage advisers we will also be able to look at any existing mortgage debt that you hold to check that you are on the best possible interest rates and to ensure that unnecessarily high repayments are not eating into your profits. Rates have become ever more competitive as the market matures and 10 per cent deposit schemes are now available, fixed as low as 4.74 per cent.

Buy-to-let continues to be a very popular investment route for small business owners, mindful of what can sometimes be an inherent ageism in industry and who are therefore keen to have early retirement options in place. Over the past 10 years we have helped a number of small business owners become buy-to-let millionaires, often from a very low starting level of assets. Opportunities continue to appear for the canny investor and the first step is often to use equity built up in the main residence to help fund the deposits required on the first few buy to lets.

The key to investing is often to buy, at a discount, a property with some development or improvement scope, in an area that has potential. Any early profits that are made can be crystallised via a remortgage or by using the new breed of flexible buy to let schemes that allow easy drawdown of equity. In this way funds are made available for the next purchases and within a relatively short time the business can develop a momentum of its own.

Commentators have been predicting a slowdown in the growth of buy to let for several years yet the increase in the size of the sector shows no signs of abating. There is now £120 billion worth of privately rental property in the UK (source - the Association of Rental Letting Agents).

Against a backdrop of dramatic demographic changes, more demand for single occupancy homes, the huge requirements for private housing by migrant workers from the East and with first timer buyers waiting longer to purchase, buy to let looks to have a profitable future. Small business owners are sure to remain very active investors in this market and properly structuring your affairs so that the taxman doesn’t reap the rewards will remain a key consideration.

To apply for a free review
If you are an existing buy-to-let investor and want a free two hour review to discuss in detail whether to hold properties personally or via a limited company, email: ContractorFinancials

Mortgage finder
If you have a general mortgage enquiry on a new or existing purchase, we have a mortgage service and a mortgage finder form taiored to the small business owner in the Hardhatter Shop

Susie Hughes
The Editor © Hardhatter 2006

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