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9th Jun 2023
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CIS Tax Scheme

by Dave at 12:06 06/12/06 (Letters)
Am I becomung an old Hippie Conspiracy Theorist or is there restrictive practise built in to the New CIS?
I know of at least three large privately owned construction companies (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons!) that, if the New CIS scheme was in place when they first started up, the founders would have been forced to accept "Employee Status" and as such their companies would now not exist! yet these companies are now insisting on gross payment status under the new scheme for all their subbies to avoid any chance of falling foul of the new scheme's status declarations. Level playing field for medium to large companies maybe but for Sole Traders I think not!!!

This is supposed to become an issue for every Industry but I doubt if we will see Pop stars and Actors forced to take "employee status" in fact the court of appeal has ruled they are expempt as they are only "Engaged as a course of excersing a profession"! so why does that not apply to a plumber? Sorry thanks for letting a grumpy old man ramble on:-)

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